Classic Package

From Cairo, Bahariya is the most accessible of the real desert oases. The main town of Bawiti is an excellent base for trips into the White and Black deserts or to a range of sites around the oasis itself.See the large conical hills that rise straight up like rounded pyramids on the Black Desert , enjoy the charming scenes of Bahariya oasis and spend night camping on the marvelous white desert.

Pharaohs Oasis

Unforgettable experience on the heart of the main oasis of the Egyptian Western Desert where you can enjoy the springs, the camping under the blue sky of the White desert. Spend time seeing the beauty of Dakhla oasis and discover the roman sights in Kharga oasis.

White Desert in Depth

The White desert offers it's visitors the chance to escape from the crowded Nile Valley and Cairo and sample the peace and tranquility of the empty desert and it's green oasis. See the mysterious wind-eroded rock formations. Don't miss out the picturesque atmosphere of the White desert.
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